Basketball Freestyle

BasketBall freestyle is an incredible combination of ball control, spinning, and ball manipulation.
Our FreeStylers are among the best in the world, with experience performing as individuals and as groups to audiences of over 90,000.

Basket Ball is a hugely popular sport, but what you don’t see so often, is someone balancing 2 spinning balls ontop of each other, on one finger, with another ball balanced on their head as they dribble another in their spare hand!

The Physical Talent’s Basket Ball FreeStyle performers are quite simply incredible to watch.
Their manipulation of the ball, spinning and winding it smoothly around their body has leaves audiences astounded every time.

Our Freestylers can also double for actors as well as professional athletes for visual campaigns / shoots.

Workshops and teaching is also something that many of our Basketball Freestylers provide for live events and festivals.

Health and Safety are our first priority. Our team provide full Risk Assessments and breakdowns prior to any performances.

Incredible dunk artists, basketball freestyle jugglers and freestyle dribblers, Physical Talent Basketballers combine their incredible skills to ensure that their performances are the most incredible they can be.

Watch the Physical Talent Basketball Freestylers here: