Beat Boxer

Physical Talent provide world champion Beat Boxer /s for performance.

Beat Boxing is the incredible art of producing and re-defining sounds vocally through the mouth. Make no mistake, this no novelty act, and is quite simply something astounding to behold. Our Beat Boxers create the most incredible sounds, beats and rhythms, holding audiences awe struck every time.

Versatility is their middle name, tailoring every beat box performance specifically for each event to cater for the theme and feel of the project itself.

Winning awards for loop pedal and beat box performance, our Beat Boxers have been instrumental in the pioneering and development of Beat Boxing as a performance art form.

A means of developing and creating incredible music, the Beat Boxers can perform individually or as a group. Combining incredible sounds with MC’ing it is difficult to express just how amazing it really is to see these BeatBox performers live, up close and personal.

Armed only with a microphone and in some cases a loop pedal, the beat boxing experience is always a smash hit with audiences. No one can ever quite believe that what they are hearing is infact coming 100% from the beat boxers mouth. That is until they hear and see it slowed down infront of their very eyes!