BMX performers

Physical Talent provide the UK’s finest BMX performers and talent! Superstars in their field, we provide the top BMX bike FlatLand trickers AND the top BMX street jumpers in the world.

Our world champion performers can achieve unbelievable feats with their bikes. Twisting, turning and dancing over their BMX’s as they throw themselves around on one wheel, spinning their handle bars and balancing on the pegs.

The BMX performances always provide an exhilarating urban edge to any event. Versatile in their application for any performance. The Flat Land tricks BMXers can perform incredible skills and bike manipulation in any small confined space with flat ground or staging.

Alternatively, the jumpers and park BMXers provide an adrenaline fuelled performance, leaping skate / dirt ramps throwing spins and grabs through the air.

Health and Safety is priority number one for Physical Talent, and we provide full risk assessments prior to any performance or show.

Check out some of our BMX performers here: