Barcelona No Limits

Barcelona No Limits 3 Physical Talent athletes Mike Wilson, Sam Parham and Scott Young flew out to Barcelona to assist with the No Limits Conference, utilizing their stage with Parkour and Acrobatic Movements to illustrate the high impact of their presentation and the services they offer. With any live shows, working with the client to make the performance as powerful as possible, is what our Physical Talent Athletes are all about. That’s why we hand pick the most professional in the business. After

Real Life Mirrors Edge

Real Life Mirrors Edge: - Mirrors Edge is a well-known video game by Electronic Arts and DICE, loved by many Parkour and Free Running Athletes from around the world. Reach Film collaborated with Physical Talent to choreograph, shoot and co-edit a short replica POV style video, in preparation to the 2nd edition to the famous game, which is runs on many platforms and will be released later in the year. Even The LAD Bible liked it so much they posted it