Catfish and the Bottlemen – Pacifier

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Pacifier

This new band has really come up through the rankings in the music industry recently, and there’s no surprise when they created yet another awesome track. But with any new track there’s a new Music Video.

Mike Wilson & Shaun Andrews teamed up with the Production Company in charge of making this video, to not only be the stunt doubles for the lead members, but to help co-ordinated and choreograph football sequences involving heavy tackles and moments of violence, ensuring hits looked real on camera. Mike also worked closely with the Cinematographers to ensure the camera angles helped sell the heavy sequences, and to get the shots the client needed.

With any sliding tackle the key focus is not only to sell a heavy hit, but to ensure safety is top priority, so Mike stepped in to stunt double Van, who in the video takes a bad sliding tackle, involving a nasty trip and roll on hard concrete. After rehearsing the sequence thoroughly, Mike and Shaun nailed the shot in a few takes, checking the playback each time to make sure it sold in the final sequence.

You can check out the video here –

Physical Talent stepped up not only by providing the athletes, but giving the client more, in the form of shot and sequence choreography, safety, stunt mats, and fight choreography. Feedback was well received with the client giving Physical Talent a glowing review on how professional the team were on the day of the shoot.

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