Martial Arts Performers

Physical Talent Martial Artists are World Champions in their fields ranging from Tae Kwon Do, through to Wushu and Kick Boxing. Our Martial Arts performers are truly a sight to behold. Powerful, intense performances combined with elegance, flexibility and precision.

Martial Arts in itself is a very disciplined are, and our UK Martial Arts performers embody exactly that. Providing the most exhilarating Martial Arts Tricking Freestyle shows and displays, choreographed by the world’s best, to suit any event or brand message.

The Extreme Martial Arts athletes fuse tricking, kicks, punches, spins and acrobatics, holding their legs high above their heads with incredible precision. Performing Martial Arts routines in groups or as an individual to suit the project.

The Extreme Martial Artists provided by Physical Talent are fantastic for any event or media project. Our talent has experience performing for events, commercials and films across the globe. Over a decade of professional hands on experience, The Talent Bridge guarantees the most skilled and professional Martial Arts Performers the UK as to offer.

The incredible performance movement of Martial Arts can be translated across any platform, illustrating any message with the ultimate goal of leaving audiences well and truly entertained.