Stunt performers are exactly what they say on the tin.
The stunt performers Physical Talent provide, are experts in their field.
Whether you need people on fire, thrown off buildings, or action packed fight sequences.
Physical Talent provide specific artists for your projects.

Our award winning stunt performers have unrivalled experience in Hollywood blockbusters filmed across the globe.
We provide fully qualified Stunt coordinators and performers to ensure that you have the safest and highest quality stunt performances for your project.

Physical Talent’s Action performers are specialists in providing exhilarating and incredible live stunt shows involving visually exciting stunt sequences and choreography.

The leading force in providing stunt choreography and stunt sequences for on screen movies, commercials and television. Our stunt performers have worked on some of the world’s largest high profile movie sets from Jungle Book, to Edge of Tomorrow and World War Z. Physical Talent stunt men and women approach every project with the same level of enthusiasm, professionalism and desire to produce something special.

We provide options to cater your specific needs. This could include a fight scene, a chase sequence, fire, working at height, safety, and any number of action elements. The importance is to focus on safety first with any production and our qualified performers bring that level of safety whilst enhancing the visual tone of all action elements within the piece.

Stunts performers reduce the risk of injury, and enhance safety on set / stage for all aspects of performance whether on camera or stage. We provide Risk Assessments for Health and Safety, Pre Vis action choreography for review and high quality execution.

Physical Talent’s Stunt Performers eat, sleep and breathe ACTION.