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Talent Services and Performers

At Physical Talent, we pride ourselves on supplying the best talent in the business.
Whilst also offering consultancy and choreography advise to every client, giving that one stop shop approach.

With every project presented to Physical Talent, early involvement and consultation is encouraged to optimise the end result. Offering more than just talent, our services range from choreographing very technical, fast paced action for TV and Film.
Through to custom stage design and lighting, to provide the best possible live performance for any corporate occasion or shoot.
Specific examples include world premiere performances, live action sequences in Film & TV, product launches, corporate celebrations and entertainment.
Working closely with production managers, stage coordinators and designers to make sets look explosive and spectacular for everyone to see. Our performers are incredibly versatile with the ability to adapt to any and all situations, sets and stages.

Above all, the team work closely to adopt a ‘safety first’ policy ensuring that each project is optimised.
Whilst simultaneously working to make the project look and feel exactly how the the clients visualise it.
The ultimate goal is to make the project spectacular and pleasing to the eye, leading to an all round success for the clients and production crew alike.

The Physical Talent team are on hand to streamline any production in the specific capacity the client needs.
Our main focus is to provide the best performance talent for any specific project with a full preparation right through to execution approach.
Risk assessments for health & safety with trained athletes all fully qualified in their arena.
Bringing the best possible team together for any production is what we have come best known for.

The list of services can appear broad, but at the core of what we do, we provide talent. We provide the best talent in the world.
Additional services can be built around this, but the focus is select and specific. To take performance to a new level.